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Welcome To Victory By Choice Spiritual Healing

Our purpose is to assist in promoting the beauty of self-discovery, clarity and enlightenment. We will guide those in need to use the spirit within to recognize their God-given power and abilities. For these are truly divine gifts.  Victory by Choice is designed to empower and promote the divinity in self-awareness. We are determined to uplift and encourage through love, light and truth. We desire to promote amazing people doing amazing things.

Our Spiritual Healing and Clarity services are designed with the intention to heal wounds beyond the physical body. The beauty of gaining clarity allows one to acknowledge the root, purpose and reason behind the challenges faced meant to position strength and growth. We believe the word "disease" denotes the DIS-ease in the body.

Most physical illnesses are a clear manifestation of problems originating from the psyche. In short, sickness starts in the mental and metaphysical body before showing up in the physical body. These healing practices are used to empower through spirituality. VBC Spiritual Healing is a growing spiritually based practice, looking to incorporate new services and practitioners.

Join us in exploring your gifts and gaining clarity on your heart’s desires and visions.   

​​ Meet the Owner
Shadae Bumpers, The Spiritual Alchemist
Lead Practitioner 

Shadae Bumpers, M.Ed is a naturally gifted intuitive and spiritual alchemist. She discovered her gifts through her own spiritual awakening with her passion for astrology as her catalyst. Shadae has loved astrology since she was 8. Studying her own divine BluPrint after reaching a turning point in her life, she learned to accept the truth of her gifts that previously made her feel strange and disconnected from those around her.

After studying her own Divine BluPrint she learned to recognizing  and accept the unique development of her soul's purpose. Her intuition is shared through claircognizance "clear knowing", clairaudience "clear hearing", and clairsentient "clear feeler" as an empath.

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Shadae was baptized in the Cathloic Church, only to grow up and join a non-denominational church as a teenager. Later joining a Baptist church in Cleveland after second marriage, she is a firm believer in Christ Consciousness, but does subscribe to the doctrine of one religion. Shadae believes in the omnipresences of God as the Creator, Sustainer and Restorer of all that is and all that will ever be. 

Shadae uses her gifts as an intuitive birth-chart reader, angel and oracle card reader as well as a reiki practitioner and healer. She developed VBC Spiritual Healing to change the lives of those whom desire change in a positive, loving, holistic fashion through the foundation of Divinity and Spirituality.
​​Client Feedback & Reflections
  The experience and clarity gained from Victory By Choice Healing services are profound and transformational. We have had the pleasure of blessing others in ways we could have only hoped. Thank you for allows us to have this experience with you.
  1. The birth chart reading made me feel like maybe it's some truth to it all. Some people LIVE by this and I could never understand how. There is definitely truth to it all! You don't believe it, until you see it for yourself. Overall great experience and definitely worth a try even if it's just to see what may happen.

    Lloyd, Cleveland (OH)

  2. The Angel card readings are on point EVERY TIME for me! It allows me to be positive and hopeful during trying and distressful times, in addition to seeing the full scope of my situation clearly. I am a happy and satisfied repeat customer.

    Simone, Cleveland (OH)

​The Light of the Divine
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